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An elegant reagent-controlled strategy has been developed for the generation of a diverse range of biologically active scaffolds from a chiral bicyclic lactam. Reduction of the chiral lactam with LAH or alkylation with LHMDS to trigger different cyclization reactions have been shown to generate privileged scaffolds, such as pyrrolidines, indolines, and(More)
Microsporidiosis(Pebrine) is one of the dreadful disease seen in tropical tasar silkworm Antheraea mylitta.Drury (Andhra local ecorace), caused by Nosema species. Infections of the disease found to be highly virulent and harm the cocoon characters. Therefore an attempt has been made to evaluate the efficient dosage concenteration of Bavistin in controlling(More)
Studies on cold acclimation of insects including s ilkworms have shown significant variations in the levels of various biomolecules to cope with thermal shock. The present study has been carried out on cold-stressed larvae of Daba Trivoltine (TV) of tasar silkworm, Antheraea mylitta Drury to analyze the mortality rate, variations in the biomolecules and(More)
Antheraea mylitta produces tasar silk and is an endemic species of the Indian subcontinent. Populations of this species show a certain degree of phenotypic variability for which they are designated as ‘ecoraces’. Inorder to study the genetic variability in relation to the environment among Daba T.V and Andhra local the life history of two ecorace from(More)
Infection of the pebrine disease has been found to be highly virulent and harm the cocoon yield as well as characters of silkworm Anthereae mylitta. Therefore, an attempt was made to evaluate the impact of parasite Nosema species on the ecorace (Sukinda) of A. mylitta in respect of transovarial transmitted (T1), secondary infection (T2) and healthy silkworm(More)
Pebrinedisease found to be highly virulent and harm the larval and cocoon characters of tropical tasar silkworm Antheraeamylitta Drury (Daba TV).Therefore an attempt has been made to evaluate the effect of 2% bleaching powder solution in controlling the pebrine disease attained through secondary contamination by studying larval and cocoon characters. In(More)
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