Lakshmi Shankar Chaturvedi

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Repetitive strain stimulates intestinal epithelial migration across fibronectin via focal adhesion kinase (FAK), Src, and extracellular signal-related kinase (ERK) although how these signals act and(More)
Intestinal epithelial cells are subject to repetitive deformation during peristalsis and villous motility, whereas the mucosa atrophies during sepsis or ileus when such stimuli are abnormal. Such(More)
Repetitive deformation enhances intestinal epithelial migration across tissue fibronectin. We evaluated the contribution of RhoA and its effectors Rho-associated kinase (ROK/ROCK) and mammalian(More)
Triple negative breast cancer exhibit increased IL-6 expression compared with matched healthy breast tissue and a strong link between inflammation and cancer progression and metastasis has been(More)