Lakshmi M. Akella

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A novel computational approach, termed Search for Modified Peptides (SeMoP), for the unrestricted discovery and verification of peptide modifications in shotgun proteomic experiments using low resolution ion trap MS/MS spectra is presented. Various peptide modifications, including post-translational modifications, sequence polymorphisms, as well as sample(More)
A scientific name for an organism can be associated with almost all biological data. Name identification is an important step in many text mining tasks aiming to extract useful information from biological, biomedical and biodiversity text sources. A scientific name acts as an important metadata element to link biological information. We present NetiNeti(More)
Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) based proteomics is an important tool in detecting changes in peptide/protein abundances in samples potentially leading to the discovery of disease biomarker candidates. We present CLUE-TIPS (Clustering Using Euclidean distance in Tanimoto Inter-Point Space), an approach that compares complex proteomic samples(More)
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