Lakshmi Jagannathan

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Advancements in research and technology are happening now more than ever in the biotechnology industry. Better detection and treatment methods, specifically targeted towards personalized systems, are constantly being sought by researchers. Collaboration among different fields of science and technology has brought us one step closer towards achieving this(More)
Shoots of Paulownia tomentosa Steud., the Empress tree, were regenerated from cultured hypocotyl segments. The phenotypic and ploidy status of a population of regenerated trees was investigated and compared with a control population of trees grown from seed. Five of the six measured phenotypic characteristics were not significantly different between both(More)
Organic thin film transistors (OTFT) are potentially very attractive for making portable and disposable DNA hybridization detection toolkits because of their ultra-low-cost manufacturing and potentially high sensitivity. To make a self-supported DNA sensor, we herein report an OTFT-based label-free DNA hybridization detection system integrating electrically(More)
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