Lakshmi D Pappu

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Primary renal candidiasis and hydronephrosis were diagnosed in two premature neonates in whom systemic hypertension developed. The clinical course in these patients and in 16 patients with renal candidiasis described in the literature indicated that prematurity, use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, and use of intravenous (IV) catheters are predisposing(More)
We have reported in our previous study that macrophages constitute 58% of the total number of white cells in noninfected neonatal cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). CSF macrophages are probably derived from blood monocytes. To explain their predominance, we compared the chemotactic response of monocytes from cord and adult blood to neonatal (NCSF) and non-neonatal(More)
Epinephrine has numerous potent pharmacologic actions with protean manifestations. We have described a patient in whom inadvertent intra-aortic administration of a large dose of racemic epinephrine produced serious adverse effects, including hypertension, acidemia, tachycardia, and protracted but reversible renal failure. In view of the ubiquitous use of(More)
We compared T lymphocyte subsets of 14 normal term newborns (cord blood) to those of 8 children with gram negative sepsis. Six patients were<3 months, 2 were 3 yrs., and one 11 months of age. Blood cultures were positive for H. influenzae(3), Serratia m. (1), Klebsiella (2) and E. coli (2). Total T cells (OKT3, OKT11), helper/inducer cells (OKT4), and(More)
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