Lakshmi Balasubramanian

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Application of computational techniques in the field of medicine has been an area of intense research in recent years. Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma are two retinal diseases that are a major cause of blindness. Regular Screening for early disease detection has been a highly labor - and resource- intensive task. Hence automatic detection of these(More)
Ontology is a technique for expressing formal specification. It is a conceptualization of domain and its terms and relationships. The technique of ontology finds its application in almost every area, some of which includes medicine, e-commerce, chemistry, education etc. Concept clustering is the foremost step in construction of ontology. Concept clustering(More)
Data Mining Techniques help in discovering useful information from the available data. Classification, one of the data mining techniques finds its application in many areas, making rapid advancements in the field of biology and medicine. Diabetic Retinopathy, a threatening retinal disease places high necessity for computational approaches to automatically(More)
Unsupervised clustering algorithms have been used in many applications to group the data based on relevant similarity metrics. K-Means clustering is one of the most widely used clustering techniques owing to its simplicity. Many improvements and extensions have been proposed for this algorithm in view to improve its performance. Out of the various(More)
Automatic identification of emotions from text has been an interesting area of research in the recent times. With the exponentially growing number of online users, emotion identification of the text being read by the users can help in providing a comforting environment to the readers. In this paper, emotion classification is attempted on the news articles(More)
In today's world human are affected by various diseases which lead to damage of some or the other body part which degrades their working speed. Eye diseases are one of the factors, which include vision loss due to glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Glaucoma damages the optic nerve of the eye. DR cause changes in eye damage the blood vessel. Image will(More)
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