Lakshmi B. Akella

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Macrocycles are key structural elements in numerous bioactive small molecules and are attractive targets in the diversity-oriented synthesis of natural product-based libraries. However, efficient and systematic access to diverse collections of macrocycles has proven difficult using classical macrocyclization reactions. To address this problem, we have(More)
Combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening technologies produce huge amounts of data on a regular basis. Sieving through these libraries of compounds and their associated assay data to identify appropriate series for follow-up is a daunting task, which has created a need for computational techniques that can find coherent islands of(More)
The inhibition of glyoxalase I enzyme to increase cellular levels of methylglyoxal has been developed as a rationale for the production of anticancer agents. Synthesis of a peptidomimetic analog of the previously prepared potent glyoxalase inhibitor, S-(p-bromobenzyl)glutathione (PBBG), was accomplished by inserting a urea linkage, NH-CO-NH, to replace the(More)
An aldol-based build/couple/pair (B/C/P) strategy was applied to generate a collection of stereochemically and skeletally diverse small molecules. In the build phase, a series of asymmetric syn- and anti-aldol reactions were performed to produce four stereoisomers of a Boc-protected γ-amino acid. In addition, both stereoisomers of O-PMB-protected alaninol(More)
As high-throughput screening matures as a discipline, cheminformatics is playing an increasingly important role in selecting new compounds for diverse screening libraries. New visualization techniques such as multi-fusion similarity maps, scaffold trees, and principal moments of inertia plots provide complementary information on compound libraries and(More)
The synthesis and diversification of a densely functionalized azetidine ring system to gain access to a wide variety of fused, bridged, and spirocyclic ring systems is described. The in vitro physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties of representative library members are measured in order to evaluate the use of these scaffolds for the generation of(More)
We have implemented an aldol-based "build/couple/pair" (B/C/P) strategy for the synthesis of stereochemically diverse 8-membered lactam and sultam scaffolds via S(N)Ar cycloetherification. Each scaffold contains two handles, an amine and aryl bromide, for solid-phase diversification via N-capping and Pd-mediated cross coupling. A sparse matrix design(More)
Integration of flexible data-analysis tools with cheminformatics methods is a prerequisite for successful identification and validation of "hits" in high-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns. We have designed, developed, and implemented a suite of robust yet flexible cheminformatics tools to support HTS activities at the Broad Institute, three of which are(More)
Complexity and the presence of stereogenic centers have been correlated with success as compounds transition from discovery through the clinic. Here we describe the synthesis of a library of pyran-containing macrocycles with a high degree of structural complexity and up to five stereogenic centers. A key feature of the design strategy was to use a modular(More)
A build/couple/pair (B/C/P) strategy was employed to generate a library of 7936 stereochemically diverse 12-membered macrolactams. All 8 stereoisomers of a common linear amine precursor were elaborated to form the corresponding 8 stereoisomers of two regioisomeric macrocyclic scaffolds via head-to-tail cyclization. Subsequently, these 16 scaffolds were(More)