Laksamee Khomnotai

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Online auctions attract not only legitimate businesses trying to sell their products but also fraudsters wishing to commit fraudulent transactions. Consequently, fraudster detection is crucial to ensure the continued success of online auctions. This paper proposes an approach to detect fraudsters based on the concept of neighbor diversity. The neighbor(More)
Inflated reputation fraud is a serious problem in online auction. Recent work suggested that neighbor diversity is an effective feature for discerning fraudsters from normal users. However, there exist many different methods to quantify diversity in the literature. This raises the problem of finding the most suitable method to calculate neighbor diversity(More)
Online auction websites use a simple reputation system to help their users to evaluate the trustworthiness of sellers and buyers. However, to improve their reputation in the reputation system, fraudulent users can easily deceive the reputation system by creating fake transactions. This inflated-reputation fraud poses a major problem for online auction(More)
Microaggregation is a commonly used technique for statistical disclosure control of microdata. It divides the microdata into groups such that each group contains no fewer than k records, where k is a user-specified parameter; then it replaces each group with the group's centroid. The problem underlying microaggrgation is called the k-Partitions problem. The(More)
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