Lakmal Rupasinghe

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Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is an evolving concept. There are many emerging researches focused on MANET aspects such as routing and caching. Among them, the lack of efforts done on MANET web caching is acknowledged. "iCache" is a web data caching protocol implemented to be deployed on MANETs that use Better Approach To Mobile Ad Hoc Networking(More)
Exposure to state-of-art industry technologies, tools and practices by students provide CS/IT graduates highly desirable skills and marketability. A key expectation of the industry from their new cadre is a speedy integration into the business environment resulting in productive work. This usually requires having a sound technological background, a maturity(More)
In Mobile AdHoc Networks, web caching is the challenging job due to its moving nature of nodes. So we analyze one technique for web caching in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. MANET stands for Mobile Ad Hoc Network which is an evolving concept. In the development various researches the different aspects of MANET are focused such as routing and caching of data. Among(More)
Intrusion Detection/prevention Systems and web application firewalls provide important layer(s) of security for web applications. Even though they are well configured and maintained continually with latest attack signatures and profiles, they often fail when it comes to reconnaissance because the requests of reconnaissance to the web server often take a(More)
With the upsurge of internet popularity, nowadays there are millions of online transactions that are being processed per minute thus increasing the possibilities of intruder attacks over the recent times. There have been various intruder detection techniques such as using traditional machine learning based algorithms. These algorithms were widely used to(More)
Aspect base sentiment analysis is a very popular concept in the machine learning era which is under the research domain still at the movement. This research mainly consist of the way of exploring the sentiment analysis based on the trained data set to provide the positive, negative and neutral reviews for different products in the marketing world. Most of(More)
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