Lakhwinder Kaur

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The design of a suitable interconnection network for inter-processor communication is one of the key issues of the system performance. The reliability of these networks and their ability to continue operating despite failures are major concerns in determining the overall system performance. In this paper a new irregular network IABN (Irregular Augmented(More)
In this paper, we propose to design a cross-layer based intrusion detection technique for wireless networks. In this technique a combined weight value is computed from the Received Signal Strength (RSS) and Time Taken for RTS-CTS handshake between sender and receiver (TT). Since it is not possible for an attacker to assume the RSS exactly for a sender by a(More)
Recently an alternative of DDoS attacks called shrew attacks or Reduction-of-Quality (RoQ) has been identified which is very much difficult to detect. The RoQ attacks can use source and destination IP address spoofing, and they do not have distinct periodicity, and may not filter the attack packets precisely. In this paper, we propose to design the MAC(More)
In this paper, an efficient technique for compression of medical ultrasound (US) images is proposed. The technique is based on wavelet transform of the original image combined with vector quantization (VQ) of high-energy subbands using the LBG algorithm. First, we analyse the statistical behaviour of wavelet coefficients in US images across various subbands(More)
Interconnection Networks are playing a vital role in parallel processing. The speed of hardware has become proportional to response time of electronic circuits. But requirement for more reliability, bandwidth, processing power and throughput is increasing constantly. This paper introduces a new Multistage Interconnection network named as irregular Modified(More)
Offline Handwritten Hindi text recognition is very challenging task. A novel attempt is made by us to recognize handwritten Hindi text using segmentation based approach. Although many efforts have been made to recognize isolated characters and words, a little work has been done to recognize the offline handwritten Hindi text by segmenting the sentences into(More)