Lakhdar Loukil

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The quadratic 3-dimensional assignment problem (Q3AP) is an extension of the well-known NP-hard quadratic assignment problem. It has been proved to be one of the most difficult combinatorial optimization problems. Local search (LS) algorithms are a class of heuristics which have been successfully applied to solve such hard optimization problem. These(More)
Conceptual clustering combines two long-standing machine learning tasks: the unsupervised grouping of similar instances and their description by symbolic concepts. In this paper, we decouple the problems of finding descriptions and forming clusters by first mining formal concepts (i.e. closed itemsets), and searching for the best k clusters that can be(More)
In this paper we propose a parallel hybrid genetic method for solving Quadratic 3-dimensional Assignment Problem (Q3AP). This problem is proved to be computationally NP-hard. The parallelism in our algorithm is of two hierarchical levels. The first level is an insular model where a number of GAs (genetic algorithms) evolve in parallel. The second level is a(More)
Nowadays, hand vein recognition is amongst the most recent biometric technologies used for the identification/authentication of individuals. Indeed, hand veins biometric are robust and steady human authentication unlike to other biometric technologies as fingerprint, face, signature and voice. In the present work, the proposed system consists of image(More)
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