Lakhdar Hammoudi

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We construct new examples of non-nil algebras with any number of generators, which are direct sums of two locally nilpotent subalgebras. As all previously known examples, our examples are contracted semigroup algebras and the underlying semigroups are unions of locally nilpotent subsemigroups. In our constructions we make more transparent than in the past(More)
We show that every finitely generated nilalgebra having nilalgebras of matrices is a homomorphic image of nilalgebras constructed by the Golod method (Golod, 1965 and 1969). By applying some elements of module theory to these results, we construct over any field non-residually finite nilalgebras and Golod groups with non-residually finite quotients. This(More)
This study examined the relationship for 180 undergraduate students enrolled in a first-year university calculus course between attitudes toward mathematics and approaches to learning mathematics using the Mathematics Attitude Scale and the Approaches to Learning Mathematics Questionnaire, respectively. Regression analyses indicated that scores for the(More)
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