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In recent years parallel computing has been widely employed for both science research and commercial applications. For parallel systems such as many-core or computer clusters, it is inevitable to have one or more computing node failures due to random errors or injected attacks. Usually a diagnosis mechanism is able to locate several defective nodes through(More)
Most cache designs support single or double bitlevel error detection and correction in cache lines. However, a single error may distort a whole byte or even more, resulting in much higher decoding complexity than that of bit-level distortions. Thereby this paper proposes a new group testing based error correcting code (GTB code) for byte-level error(More)
Implantable medical devices (IMDs) have increasing impact in people’s life nowadays. With the development of electrical and computer engineering, the IMDs are of great convenience to patients by their small sizes and portable wireless monitors or controllers. However, because of the insecure wireless communication between the devices and their controllers,(More)
Shamir’s secret sharing scheme is an effective way to distribute secret to a group of shareholders. The security of the unprotected sharing scheme, however, can be easily broken by cheaters or attackers who maliciously feed incorrect shares during the secret recovery stage or inject faults into hardware computing the secret. In this paper, we propose(More)
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