Lajos Kuntár

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Some Hungarian Gypsy communities still live in social isolation with conserved immunogenetical singularities such as a lack of HLA-B7 and high occurrence of HLADR2 (56% in Gypsies vs 21% in Hungarians; Gy6di et al. 1982). The association between multiple sclerosis (MS) and HLA-DR2 in Caucasians is a generally accepted observation (Svejgaard et al. 1983).(More)
MS rarely occurs in gypsies in Hungary despite the high DR2 frequency. When it does occur, it has special features more resembling that of Asians than Central Europeans. In order to find correlation between the clinical observations and the immunogenetical data, the distribution of DQw1 subtypes was investigated by means of Eco RV - DQ beta RFLP in DR2(More)
Autoradiography of brain slices from 4 multiple sclerosis (MS) and 9 control patients was performed. After 6 weeks of exposure the exact picture of the white matter appeared on the X-ray films in all cases with MS, but only in one of the controls. The high level of autoradiographic signal from MS white matter suggests that an abnormal accumulation of(More)
The paper reports on clinical and pathologic findings in a 51-year-old man who presented with rapidly progressive spinal muscular atrophy associated with relatively early respiratory paralysis. Clinical diagnosis was based on typical EMG, and bioptic and enzyme findings. In the CSF protein and cell content were normal, the IgG concentration was high, the(More)
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