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The community structure of the Mota-Magra forest block (24°35′N L and 75 49′E L), 14 km east of Udaipur town is described. The area supports forest of mixed dry deciduous nature in which Boswellia serrata, Lannea coromandelica and various species of Acacia are dominant tree species. The protected stand has been found to be richer in respect of tree density(More)
A. latifolia grown in the Borimalan forest block in Prasad range (24°11′N and 73°42′ E) exerts clear positive correlations between CBH (circumference breast height)and number of growth rings of bole and branches, tree height, total biomass and leaf area. The net above-ground biomass is 3.95 × 104 kg ha-1. The average increment in non-photosynthetic (trunk +(More)
The present communication reports plant biomass and net production ofButea monosperma. The area of study, Borimalan forest block in Prasad range is 54 km south of Udaipur town (24°11′N and 73°42′E). From the present study it is concluded that: 1. A clear positive correlation between number of growth rings of bole and branches with their CBH (circumference(More)
Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2013 Page 417 Abstract With the increased use of semantic web in the recent years has led RDF(Resource description format) become the standard format for encoding machine-readable information in the Semantic Web. As a result SPARQL has become the most emerging query language for querying RDF data. Optimizing the SPARQL query in(More)
A study has been made of the productivity and periodicity of phytoplankton of the Indrasagar tank, Udaipur, in relation to physicochemical characteristics. Variations in the physical and chemical characteristics of water over a period of one year are described. The Tank is of eutrophic type. Green algae dominated the phytoplankton both as regards number of(More)
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