Laith Konstantinos Besharat

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AIM Assess oral health, treatment needs and the correlation between tooth wear and medications in patients with psychiatric disease. METHODOLOGY 92 patients (40 male and 52 female) admitted in the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry of the Umberto I Hospital of Rome underwent an oral and dental clinical examination in accordance according to World(More)
AIM Re-establishing a patient's lost dental aesthetic appearance is one of the most important topics for contemporary dentistry. New treatment materials and methods have been coming on the scene, day by day, in order to achieve such an aim. Most dentists prefer more conservative and aesthetic approaches, such as direct or indirect veneer restorations,(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this experimental study was to compare the traditional cement systems with those of the latest generation, to assess if indeed these could represent of viable substitutes in the cementation of indirect restorations, and in the specific case of endodontic posts. METHODS The assessment of the validity of the cementing methods was(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the color samples (A2, A3 and B1) of three different brands of resin composites using dentine masses. 135 discs were prepared (5 plates for each thickness, color and brand of composite material). A colorimetric evaluation, using white and black background, was performed just after preparation. The color was(More)
The main purpose of a post-endodontic restoration with posts is to guarantee the retention of the restorative material. The aim of the study was to examine, through the push-out test, how bond strength between the post and the dentin varied with etching time with 37% orthophosphoric acid, before cementation of a glass fiber post. Moreover, it has been(More)
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