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We demonstrate that the distribution of the functional feeding groups of aquatic insects is related to hierarchical patch dynamics. Patches are sites with unique environmental and functional characteristics that are discontinuously distributed in time and space within a lotic system. This distribution predicts that the occurrence of species will be based(More)
Atmospheric pollution is one of the worst threats to modern society. The consequences derived from different forms of atmospheric pollution vary from the local to the global scale, with deep impacts on climate, environment and human health. Several gaseous pollutants, even when present in trace concentrations, play a fundamental role in important processes(More)
Patterns of species’ abundance and occurrence over time and space allow division of species into (i) common species, which are abundant, but have a low diversity, and (ii) rare species, which are far more diverse and less abundant. Understanding the relationships among these two species groups and how they are affected by environmental conditions is a major(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the immediate results of percutaneous mechanical mitral commissurotomy. METHODS Thirty patients underwent percutaneous mechanical mitral commissurotomy performed with a Cribier's metallic valvulotome from 8/11/99 to 2/4/00. Mean age was 30.7 years, and 73.3% were women. With regards to functional class, 63.3% were class III, and(More)
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