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This paper describes an ongoing Portuguese Language grammar checker project, called CoGrOO 1-Corretor Gramatical para OpenOffice (Grammar Checker for OpenOffice), based on CETENFOLHA, a Brazilian Portuguese morphosyntactic annotated Corpus. Two of its features are highlighted:-hybrid architecture, mixing rules and statistics;-free software project. This(More)
This paper describes a Portuguese language grammar checker project, called CoGrOO - Corretor Gramatical para o OpenOffice (Grammar Checker for OpenOffice). Two of its features are highlighted: 1) hybrid architecture, mixing rules and statistics; 2) free software project. This project aims to check grammatical errors such as nominal and verbal agreement,(More)
In the academic formation of undergraduate students, it is essential to develop listening skills, attention and practical notes during the classes. However, at different times, there is the division of the student's attention that causes poor academic performance. Motivated through this scenario, this study aims to map and select automatic production and(More)
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