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The chemistry of two-dimensional layered transition metal dichalcogenide nanosheets.
This Review describes how the tunable electronic structure of TMDs makes them attractive for a variety of applications, as well as electrically active materials in opto-electronics. Expand
Synthesis of large-area MoS2 atomic layers with chemical vapor deposition.
Optical, microscopic and electrical measurements suggest that the synthetic process leads to the growth of MoS(2) monolayer, and TEM images verify that the synthesized MoS (2) sheets are highly crystalline. Expand
Growth of large-area and highly crystalline MoS2 thin layers on insulating substrates.
It is reported that the high-temperature annealing of a thermally decomposed ammonium thiomolybdate layer in the presence of sulfur can produce large-area MoS(2) thin layers with superior electrical performance on insulating substrates. Expand
Large-area synthesis of highly crystalline WSe(2) monolayers and device applications.
The introduction of hydrogen in the reaction chamber helps to activate the selenization of WO3, where large-size WSe2 monolayer flakes or thin films can be successfully grown and the resistor-loaded inverter based on a WSe 2 film, with a gain of ∼13, further demonstrates its applicability for logic-circuit integrations. Expand
Electrical detection of DNA hybridization with single-base specificity using transistors based on CVD-grown graphene sheets.
This research presents a novel and scalable approach to integrated materials engineering that addresses the challenge of integrating nanofiltration and desorption in the low-tech environment. Expand
Direct formation of wafer scale graphene thin layers on insulating substrates by chemical vapor deposition.
In a chemical vapor deposition process the carbon species dissociated on Cu surfaces not only result in graphene layers on top of the catalytic Cu thin films but also diffuse through Cu grain boundaries to the interface between Cu and underlying dielectrics. Expand
Wafer-scale MoS2 thin layers prepared by MoO3 sulfurization.
Spectroscopic, optical and electrical characterizations reveal that the obtained wafer-scale MoS(2) thin layers are polycrystalline and with semiconductor properties, which make such films suitable for flexible electronics or optoelectronics. Expand
Electrical and Spectroscopic Characterizations of Ultra-Large Reduced Graphene Oxide Monolayers
Ultra large and single-layer graphene oxide sheets (up to millimeter in lateral size) are obtained by a modified Hummers’ method, where we replace the first aggressive oxidation process with a shortExpand
Doping single-layer graphene with aromatic molecules.
It is demonstrated that the electronic structures of SLG can be differentially modulated by doping from various aromatic molecules and it is shown that a simple spectroscopic method based on the Raman 2D and G band frequency sampling can be used to distinguish the n- and p-doped SLG. Expand
Integrated Circuits Based on Bilayer MoS
Two-dimensional (2D) materials, such as molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), have been shown to exhibit excellent electrical and optical properties. The semiconducting nature of MoS2 allows it to overcomeExpand