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A wet-chemical method combined with spark plasma sintering was used to prepare a W-Y2O3 alloy. High-temperature tensile tests and nano-indentation microhardness tests were used to characterize the mechanical properties of the alloy. After He-ion irradiation, fuzz and He bubbles were observed on the irradiated surface. The irradiation embrittlement was(More)
Pure W and W-(2%, 5%, 10%) Lu alloys were manufactured via mechanical alloying for 20 h and a spark plasma sintering process at 1,873 K for 2 min. The effects of Lu doping on the microstructure and performance of W were investigated using various techniques. For irradiation performance analysis, thermal desorption spectroscopy (TDS) measurements were(More)
Dense W and W-Zr composites reinforced with Sc2O3 particles were produced through powder metallurgy and subsequent spark plasma sintering (SPS) at 1700 °C and 58 MPa. Results showed that the W-1vol.%Zr/2vol.%Sc2O3 composites exhibited optimal performance with the best relative density of up to 98.93% and high Vickers microhardness of approximately 583 Hv.(More)
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