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Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) has been used to treat severe postcataract and vitrectomy fibrinous membranes, but intraocular bleeding has occurred with doses of 25 micrograms or higher. We report three patients, one with nonclearing total hyphema and uncontrollable intraocular pressure and two with severe fibrinous membrane formation, who had treatment(More)
We focus on information and knowledge flows as social network processes in organizational contexts. Seeking and giving work-related information is distinguished from seeking and providing problem-solving help as knowledge flows. Hypotheses from the literature suggest that (perceived) accessibility, knowledge about the work-related skills of others, and(More)
A case of shrapnel injury to the optic nerve documented by computed tomography, resulting in total, but partially reversible visual loss, is presented. In view of the visual field defect and computed tomographic findings, a transient vascular insult is incriminated. The irreversible loss in the lower field of vision is related to the shearing effect of(More)