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CONTEXT Although many research studies have documented the relationship between menstrual side effects of contraceptives and discontinuation of use, few have sought to identify factors that predispose women to discontinue because of changes in bleeding patterns. Such information is important to enable family planning providers to better help women and(More)
Currently, the pill and IUD account for 83% of contraceptive use in Egypt; Norplant will be an important complement to those methods of family planning. In Egypt where childbearing begins early, and closely spaced pregnancies are the norm, the long duration of Norplant's effectiveness and its relative ease of use should be appealing. The Egyptian Fertility(More)
Researchers surveyed the psychological well-being of 795 women of reproductive age from Menoufiya, Egypt. Five years earlier, these women had provided data relevant to their family planning behavior. This analysis links these data sets to investigate the impact of family planning on women's sense of well-being, within the context of beliefs about(More)
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