Laila Daniel

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this paper we study the performance of TCP with a vertical handoff between access networks with widely varying link characteristics. TCP being an end-to-end protocol has performance problems as its behaviour depends on the end-to-end path characteristics which are likely to be affected by a vertical handoff. We propose a set of enhancements to the TCP(More)
Vertical hand-offs between different wireless access technologies have become more relevant after the introduction of multi-access mobile terminals with wireless LAN (WLAN) and wireless WAN (WWAN) technologies. While the IP mobility mechanisms are rather well known, the performance of TCP still has problems when moving between WLAN and WWAN accesses. First,(More)
With the growing use of multiradio mobile terminals a vertical handoff between different wireless access technologies is becoming increasingly common. The vertical hand-off may result in a significant change in the access link characteristics that can affect the performance of TCP dramatically as its behaviour depends on the end-to-end path properties that(More)
The wide range of IoT applications creates a demand for various types of communication. While both types of communication, unreliable and reliable, are important, it is crucial to extend scalable congestion control in the Internet to cover IoT communication also. Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP), a web transfer protocol for constrained devices and(More)
In this paper we propose the use of a TCP/IP-friendly link level error recovery mechanism with novel design in conjunction with state-of-the-art Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) enhancements to improve TCP performance on network paths involving Wireless Wide-Area Network (W-WAN) links. We show that by combining a selected set of TCP enhancements TCP(More)
In this paper we propose an enhancement to the TCP sender algorithm to combat packet reordering that may occur due to a vertical handoff from a slow to a fast access link. The proposed algorithm employs cross-layer notifications regarding the changes in the access link characteristics. Our algorithm avoids unnecessary retransmissions by dynamically changing(More)
Providing acceptable quality level for interactive media flows such as interactive video or audio is challenging in the presence of TCP traffic. Volatile TCP traffic such as Web traffic causes transient queues to appear and vanish rapidly introducing jitter to the packets of the media flow. Meanwhile long-lived TCP connections cause standing queues to form(More)
The recent trend, wireless communications has became one of the striving areas for the developments of cellular technologies. This is because, many people around the world would like to connect to the other, seamlessly, anytime anywhere. Therefore, the selection of the best network connection becomes crucial with the best quality of service. For that reason(More)