Laihong Hu

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Main difficulty encountered in space teleoperation is a large time delay in communication between earth and space [1]. Predictive control strategy [2] via virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) is an available approach in many literatures. As to a manipulator in 3D Cartesian coordinates, it should be predicted from both horizontal direction and(More)
The increasing demand for air travel is stressing the current Air Traffic Control (ATC). This is likely to cause both safety and performance degradation in the near future. In order to solve this problem, increasing the automation level of ATC is an important development direction. So flight behavior recognizing is becoming a key technique for ATC, for it(More)
In the practical situation, if failure of one of the actuators occurs, there exists the attitude control task of a rigid spacecraft using only two control torques supplied by momentum wheel actuators. Here, this class of control task for a rigid spacecraft is discussed. This nonlinear control problem can be converted to the nonholonomic motion planning(More)
Long-range maneuver transfer consumes the most fuel and time of the rendezvous process, and it is a multi-variable, multi-extremum optimization problem, which is difficult to solve using traditional optimization algorithms. This paper researched the mathematical model of long-range maneuver transfer of spacecraft with impulse thrust, and optimized the(More)
With increasing air traffic flow, the increasingly complex air traffic situation has raised possibility of conflicts, which requires higher timeliness and accuracy for conflict detection. Based on the rapidly growing air traffic control technologies, such as radars with excellent accuracy, a modified unscented particle filter (MUPF) algorithm is introduced(More)
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