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High-k dielectric materials are important as gate oxides in microelectronics and as potential dielectrics for capacitors. In order to enable computational discovery of novel high-k dielectric materials, we propose a fitness model (energy storage density) that includes the dielectric constant, bandgap, and intrinsic breakdown field. This model, used as a(More)
We have performed a search for stable compounds in the hafnium-carbon (Hf-C) system at ambient pressure using a variable-composition ab initio evolutionary algorithm implemented in the USPEX code. In addition to the well-known HfC, we predicted two additional thermodynamically stable compounds Hf 3 C 2 and Hf 6 C 5. The structure of Hf 6 C 5 with space(More)
Electromagnetic (EM) absorbing and shielding composites with tunable absorbing behaviors based on Ti3C2 MXenes are fabricated via HF etching and annealing treatment. Localized sandwich structure without sacrificing the original layered morphology is realized, which is responsible for the enhancement of EM absorbing capability in the X-band. The composite(More)
The microstructural effects of SiC swelling, mechanisms of He diffusion and aggregation in C-rich SiC are studied using an in situ helium ion microscope. The additive carbon interface provides improved swelling resistance in SiC to ∼270 nm, and defect formation is not observed until very high He implantation doses.
Reducing the ducted-fan noise at the low frequency range remains a big technical challenge. This study presents a passive approach to directly suppress the dipole sound radiation from an axial-flow fan housed by a tensioned membrane with cavity backing. The method aims at achieving control of low frequency noise with an appreciable bandwidth. The use of the(More)
In this work, mesoporous carbon hollow microspheres (PCHMs) with designable mesoporous shell and interior void are constructed by a facile in situ stöber templating approach and a pyrolysis-etching process. The PCHMs are characterized by scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectra, Raman spectroscopy, and(More)
The reaction rate of propene pyrolysis was investigated based on the elementary reactions proposed in Qu et al., J Comput Chem 2009, 31, 1421. The overall reaction rate was developed with the steady-state approximation and the rate constants of the elementary reactions were determined with the variational transition state theory. For the elementary reaction(More)
Microwave absorbers with layered structures that can provide abundant interfaces are highly desirable for enhancing electromagnetic absorbing capability and decreasing the thickness. The atomically thin layers of two-dimensional (2D) transition-metal carbides (MXenes) make them a convenient precursor for synthesis of other 2D and layered structures. Here,(More)
Fe/SiC hybrid fibers have been fabricated by electrospinning and subsequent high-temperature (1300 °C) pyrolysis in Ar atmosphere using polycarbosilane (PCS) and Fe3O4 precursors. It is found that the introduction of Fe has had a dramatic impact on the morphology, crystallization temperature, and microwave electromagnetic properties of the hybrid fibers. In(More)