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Personalizing Interactive Digital Storytelling in Archaeological Museums: the CHESS Project
Archaeological museums can be boring to many people because they do not connect to the personal narratives they carry with them and constantly re-build. Indeed, memory institutions need to sustainExpand
Evaluating presence in cultural heritage projects
This paper surveys current notions of social and cultural presence as they may help the evaluation of cultural heritage projects. We argue that cultural heritage requires specialized evaluation, asExpand
Moving beyond the virtual museum: Engaging visitors emotionally
The foundations for a conceptual framework for the creation of VMs are discussed, grounded in a user-centered design methodology and related design and evaluation guidelines, and the many challenges they bring for pushing the boundaries on the human-felt impact of the virtual museum are described. Expand
The Museum as Digital Storyteller: Collaborative Participatory Creation of Interactive Digital Experiences
Digital storytelling is one resource museums have in hand for enriching their offer to audiences and society at large. But how is the museum to author digital storytelling experiences that cater toExpand
A digital look at physical museum exhibits: Designing personalized stories with handheld Augmented Reality in museums
The design of handheld Augmented Reality experiences that are seamlessly incorporated into interactive museum narratives, specifically for the Acropolis Museum, are presented and the challenges of this design are presented. Expand
Authoring Personalized Interactive Museum Stories
The underlying storytelling model is described using examples from the stories authored using the CHESS Authoring Tool, and key results focusing on the authors’ perspective for the creation of personalized stories are reported. Expand
A life of their own: museum visitor personas penetrating the design lifecycle of a mobile experience
The role and impact that 'personas' representing archetypical visitors of two very different museums have had, not only on the design process but also as a mechanism to support the story authors and to bootstrap personalization of experiences are reflected. Expand
From personalization to adaptivity - Creating immersive visits through interactive digital storytelling at the Acropolis Museum
The fundamental elements of the CHESS project approach are presented, which is to provide adaptive, personalized, interactive storytelling for museum visits and the preliminary results of a recent evaluation study that are informing several directions for future work. Expand