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Significant developments in indoor positioning techniques based on location fingerprint have been seen recently. RSS (received signal strength) is the most frequently-used indoor fingerprint information. The precision and accuracy of indoor positioning can be improved if we make better use of channel state information and apply more effective matching(More)
Fluorosis is the most widespread and serious endemic disease in the abandoned Yellow River flooding delta of East China. Regional geochemical investigation indicates that host rocks containing F rich minerals of Archaean and Proterozoic stages are the geochemical source for the high fluoride groundwater. Over 1500 times flooding of the Abandoned Yellow(More)
This paper presents 28 GHz path loss model based on cluster obtained from channel measurement campaigns with rotating platforms and directional antennas in the indoor and outdoor environments. The transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) both sweep a large range of angles in the azimuth and elevation plane on account of covering main propagation paths and(More)
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