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—Static timing analysis provides the basis for setting the clock period of a microprocessor core, based on its worst-case critical path. However, depending on the design, this critical path is not always excited and therefore dynamic timing margins exist that can theoretically be exploited for the benefit of better speed or lower power consumption (through(More)
The protective effects of huperzine A, a novel acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, on hypoxic-ischemic (HI) brain injury were investigated in neonatal rats. A unilateral HI brain injury was produced by the ligation of left common carotid artery followed by 1 h hypoxia with 7.7% oxygen in 7-day-old rat pups. After 5 weeks, HI brain injury in rat pups resulted in(More)
The patient-derived tumor xenograft (PDTX) model has become the most realistic model for preclinical studies. PDTX models of gastric cancer using surgical tissues are reported occasionally; however, the PDTX models using gastroscopic biopsies, which are best for evaluating new drugs, are unreported. In our study, a total of 185 fresh gastroscopic biopsies(More)
Xenotransplantation of human cancers into immunodeficient mice is a very useful approach for studying human tumor biology. However, the occasional occurrence of lymphomagenesis in some mice can spoil the model and must be investigated in detail. We found that a high percentage (32.5%, 26/80) of cancer patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) resembled lymphoma in(More)
BACKGROUND Congenital hemangioma of the diaphragm is an extremely rare disease in childhood. METHODS We report a newborn presenting with progressive respiratory distress and massive right hydrothorax due to congenital diaphragmatic hemangioma, requiring sustained ventilation support and chest drainage. The angiography revealed that the giant diaphragmatic(More)
In order to understand the mechanisms of alcohol-induced neuroapoptosis through the ceramide pathway, sphingomyelin synthase 2 knockout (SMS2-/-) mice were used to make the prenatal alcohol exposure model, and the role of ceramide regulation on alcohol-induced neuroapoptosis was studied in the offspring. Initially the levels of serum sphingomyelin (SM) were(More)
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