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This study has several objectives, which includes understanding the differences amongst kiosks in terms of factors affecting ease of use and usefulness, as well as future improvements that kiosk users want. Towards that end, the three research questions of this study are: " What are the most important factors affecting a user's belief of ease of use and(More)
19 extracorporeal liver perfusions have been performed for treating hepatic coma in 11 patients. No improvement was found in 3 patients, improvement in 8.5 of these 8 patients recovered full consciousness. All 7 patients with pre-existent liver disease died. Of 4 patients without pre-existent liver disease, 2 were discharged and are still alive. At present,(More)
The livers of 20 pigs were preserved for up to 16 hours, applying hypothermia (4 degrees C) and hyperbaric oxygenation (3 ata). As a preparation solvent we used in one group the solution by Lie (17) which is rich in potassium and glucose, and in the other group the cryoprecipitated serum by Belzer (5). After 8 and 16 hours of preservation, the fine(More)