Lai Ming Ho

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OBJECTIVE To identify the prevailing attitudes among physicians to use of computers in the clinical setting and specifically those attitudes that may be associated with the adoption of computers in practice. DESIGN A self-completed, 20-question postal questionnaire sent to 4850 randomly selected physicians. The questionnaire focused on details of the(More)
BACKGROUND In an emerging influenza pandemic, estimating severity (the probability of a severe outcome, such as hospitalization, if infected) is a public health priority. As many influenza infections are subclinical, sero-surveillance is needed to allow reliable real-time estimates of infection attack rate (IAR) and severity. METHODS AND FINDINGS We(More)
The objective of this study was to assess the current level of computerization in clinical practice in Hong Kong through a population-based, physician survey conducted in 2000.A self-completed, 20-question, postal questionnaire was sent to 4850 randomly selected doctors in Hong Kong. We received 897 completed responses. Over one-third of doctors in the(More)
BACKGROUND Great strides have been made exploring and exploiting new and different sources of disease surveillance data and developing robust statistical methods for analyzing the collected data. However, there has been less research in the area of dissemination. Proper dissemination of surveillance data can facilitate the end user's taking of appropriate(More)
BACKGROUND Influenza surveillance systems provide important and timely information to health service providers on trends in the circulation of influenza virus and other upper respiratory tract infections. Online dissemination of surveillance data is useful for risk communication to health care professionals, the media and the general public. We reviewed(More)
Scholars have proposed that individualistic values resulting from globalization are associated with increasing behavioral and emotional problems among youth in modernizing cultures. This study examined specific individualistic and traditional values in the context of suicidal ideation and behaviors in Hong Kong among community adolescent youths (N=2427)(More)
BACKGROUND Weight change predicted diseases and mortality. We investigate 3-year changes in individual body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference in Hong Kong Chinese adults. METHODS In the Population Health Survey, 7084 adults in 2003 (baseline) were followed up in 2006. Longitudinal anthropometric data were available in 2941 (41.5%) for BMI and 2956(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES We evaluated factors associated with physicians' perceptions towards the effects of computers on health care and on current levels of computerization in their practice. We also performed a contingent valuation to quantify physicians' perceived benefits from computerization in a hypothetical ambulatory, solo clinic. METHODS We(More)
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