Lai Lai Tung

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SMS, being an almost instantaneous communication medium that connects people, is now a phenomenon that has grown and spread around the globe at an amazing speed. Given the current trend of SMS usage and its potential growth, this paper will provide an insight of the extent to which how service quality and the value perceived by the SMS users have an impact(More)
This study surveys the receptivity of Singaporean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the adoption of electronic commerce. Utilising a portion of Rogers' model of innovation diffusion as the framework and treating electronic commerce (EC) as a form of new innovation, we analyse factors affecting EC diffusion. A multiple regression analysis is(More)
In the midst of promising perceived benefits, the electronic commerce (EC) environment entails greater challenges than those posed by conventional trade. In addition to privacy and security concerns, researchers and businesses alike are increasingly aware that the lack of trust for online vendors experienced by consumers constitutes a serious barrier to the(More)
Distributed Group Support System (DGSS) is a technology that can help groups to overcome some of the problems associated with being in different places and dtflerent time zones. The purpose of this paper is to propose a framework for DGSS research that will encompass the major issues involved in the application ofDGSS. The issues, compiled>om a literature(More)
The HDB’s Office Automation (OA) initiative is a series of projects aimed at raising HDB staff productivity (see [2]). A key OA project is the Integrated Office System (IOS), which facilitates organizationwide communication and provides shared access to information and documents. The IOS was implemented with Lotus Notes software in 1993. Chosen for its full(More)