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The use of low voltage circuits and power-off mode help to reduce the power consumption of chips. Non-volatile logic (nvLogic) and nonvolatile SRAM (nvSRAM) enable a chip to preserve its key local states and data, while providing faster power-on/off speeds than those available with conventional two-macro schemes. Resistive memory (memristor) devices feature(More)
A quadrature charge-domain filter (QCDF) for frequency down-conversion and filtering is proposed. After measurement of QCDF by a 1072-MS/s sampling rate, a stop-band attenuation and bandwidth were 53-dB and 44-MHz, respectively. For quadrature performance after down-conversion, this QCDF provided −27.67-dB EVM upon a 64-QAM signal with 54-Mb/s. This(More)
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