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Recruiting lay people from the neighbourhoods of target communities as Community Health Educators (CHEs) is an increasingly popular strategy for health interventions in the UK. CHEs are assumed to have a distinct advantage in reaching 'difficult to reach' groups by virtue of their network membership. However, results obtained from a recent intervention(More)
AIM In this paper we aim to clarify the issue of spiritual care in the context of mental health nursing. BACKGROUND The concept of spirituality in nursing has received a great deal of attention in recent years. However, despite many articles addressed to the issue, spiritual care remains poorly understood amongst nursing professionals and, as a result,(More)
BACKGROUND The UK government has an ambitious goal to reduce carbon emissions from the housing stock through energy efficiency improvements. This single policy goal is a strong driver for change in the housing system, but comes with positive and negative "unintended consequences" across a broad range of outcomes for health, equity and environmental(More)
A B S T R A C T Critical reflection is commonly seen as central to social transformation in Participatory Action Research (PAR). However, the groundings and practice of the concept and its associated applications are seldom questioned or examined. The lack of a clear conceptual basis upon which reflective practice could be developed is manifested in the(More)
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