Lai Cheng Tung

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Because of the inhomogeneous prognosis in fulminant hepatic failure, prognostic criteria are required which help to establish the indication for liver transplantation as a successful therapeutic procedure. In our study of 33 patients with fulminant hepatic failure (94% viral hepatitis, 67% hepatitis B), serum bilirubin > 320 or < 160 mumol/L, serum(More)
Chart review of our patients who were operated for acute appendicitis was performed to characterize the appendicitis in the elder patients. Celiotomy revealed perforation of the appendix in almost 40%, frequently in patients with unspecific symptoms and no leucocytosis. While mortality was 9.2% in the ninteeneighties, non of our patients died during the(More)
The livers of 20 pigs were preserved for up to 16 hours, applying hypothermia (4 degrees C) and hyperbaric oxygenation (3 ata). As a preparation solvent we used in one group the solution by Lie (17) which is rich in potassium and glucose, and in the other group the cryoprecipitated serum by Belzer (5). After 8 and 16 hours of preservation, the fine(More)
Of a total of 116 patients over 80 years old with gastroduodenal diseases, surgery was performed on 60 with carcinoma and 43 with ulcers; 65% of the patients with carcinomas and 97% with ulcers already had related complications. Over 80% of patients with carcinomas were in advanced stages. The longest survival time in stage I was over 10 years and in stage(More)
This is a report on 440 patients who underwent gastrectomy or resection of the cardia. Of these 57 (12.9%) died as a result of a suture insufficiency of the oesophageal anastomosis. Clinical features, diagnosis and treatment of the suture insufficiency are discussed. In the first place conservative treatment has to be tried. Amongst 71 patients a suture(More)