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The kinetics of formation of amide, 4, from the corresponding carboxylic acid by reaction with the isopropyl ester of methionine (MIPE), mediated by carbodiimide EDCI, 1, and HOBt, 2, have been studied in 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone (NMP) using reaction calorimetry. The reaction rates have been found to be independent of the concentration of HOBt, showing that(More)
The reaction of quinazolones with POCl(3) to form the corresponding chloroquinazolines occurs in two distinct stages, which can be separated through appropriate temperature control. An initial phosphorylation reaction occurs readily under basic conditions (R(3)N, aq pK(a) > 9) at t < 25 °C to give a variety of phosphorylated intermediates. Pseudodimer(More)
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