Lafe Spietz

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In this work we introduce a system for 2-port microwave calibration at millikelvin temperatures operating at the coldest stage of a dilution refrigerator by use of an adapted thru-reflect-line algorithm. We show that this can be an effective tool for characterizing common 50 Ω microwave components with better than 0.1 dB accuracy at temperatures that are(More)
We report the measurement of the fourth cumulant of current fluctuations in a tunnel junction under both dc and ac (microwave) excitation. This probes the non-Gaussian character of photo-assisted shot noise. Our measurement reveals the existence of correlations between noise power measured at two different frequencies, which corresponds to two-mode(More)
We describe decomposition formulas for rotations of R and R that have special properties with respect to stereographic projection. We use the lower dimensional decomposition to analyze stereographic projections of great circles in S ⊂ R. This analysis provides a pattern for our analysis of stereographic projections of the Clifford torus C ⊂ S ⊂ R. We use(More)
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