Laetitia Rollin

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BACKGROUND In searches for clinical trials and systematic reviews, it is said that Google Scholar (GS) should never be used in isolation, but in addition to PubMed, Cochrane, and other trusted sources of information. We therefore performed a study to assess the coverage of GS specifically for the studies included in systematic reviews and evaluate if GS was(More)
Introduction The purpose of this study was to report on the qualities of various search strategies and keywords to find return to work (RTW) studies in the Medline bibliographic database. Methods We searched Medline for articles on RTW published in 2003, using multiple search strings, and hand searched 16 major periodicals of rehabilitation or occupational(More)
BACKGROUND The Catalog and Index of French-language Health Internet resources (CISMeF) is a quality-controlled health gateway, primarily for Web resources in French (n=89,751). Recently, we achieved a major improvement in the structure of the catalogue by setting-up multiple terminologies, based on twelve health terminologies available in French, to(More)
OBJECTIVE Most occupational health physicians access electronic databases to obtain reliable medical information. Although it has been demonstrated that the use of Medline alone does not ensure comprehensiveness, many experts rely solely on this database. Our study aimed to discover to what extent the physician who limits his/her search to Medline misses(More)
OBJECTIVES Presentations at international meetings offer an excellent way to disseminate current research findings. One measure of the quality of research is its subsequent publication. Our study aimed to determine the publication rate of abstracts presented at a congress of the International Commission of Occupational Health (ICOH), and to identify(More)
BACKGROUND PubMed is the main access to medical literature on the Internet. In order to enhance the performance of its information retrieval tools, primarily non-indexed citations, the authors propose a method: expanding users' queries using Unified Medical Language System' (UMLS) synonyms i.e. all the terms gathered under one unique Concept Unique(More)
BACKGROUND Research on return to work (RTW) is increasing. It is important to benefit from studies originating from different countries since certain factors influencing the RTW process are specific to each country. AIMS To compare RTW research in Europe with the USA and to describe research on RTW in Europe. METHODS Medline was scanned with specific(More)
BACKGROUND Data about perceived needs of workers for information on occupational hazards or diseases (OHDs) are scarce and the behaviour of workers seeking information on these matters is not well known. AIMS To describe workers' needs and behaviour in seeking information about OHDs. METHODS All workers attending for consultation at an occupational(More)
BACKGROUND Health care workers (HCWs) are considered to be at higher risk of tuberculosis (TB) than the general population. However, a decreasing incidence in the general population as well as improvement in preventive measures in hospitals has reduced the risk for HCWs. AIMS To quantify the actual incidence of TB in nurses and health care assistants in a(More)