Laetitia Paoli

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This paper deals with error estimates for space-time discretizations in the context of evolutionary variational inequalities of rate-independent type. After introducing a general abstract evolution problem, we address a fully discrete approximation and provide a priori error estimates. The application of the abstract theory to a semilinear case is detailed.(More)
We studied the photosynthetic performance of sterile and fertile sporophytes in a natural population of the fern Dryopteris affinis growing within a riparian forest (Central Italy) using chlorophyll (Chl) a fluorescence transients, the OJIP phase, where O is for the minimum fluorescence, P is for the peak (the maximum), and J and I are inflections. The(More)
Motivated by lubrication problems, we consider a micropolar fluid flow in a 2D domain with a rough and free boundary. We assume that the thickness and the roughness are both of order 0 < ε << 1. We prove the existence and uniqueness of a solution of this problem for any value of ε and we establish some a priori estimates. Then we use the two-scale(More)
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