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We consider the dynamics of an elastic beam which is clamped at its left end to a vibrating support and which can move freely at its right end between two rigid obstacles (the stops). We model the contact with Sig-norini's complementary conditions between the displacement and the shear stress. For this infinite dimensional contact problem, we propose a(More)
We consider a mechanical system with impact and n degrees of freedom, written in generalized coordinates. The system is not necessarily Lagrangian. The representative point is subject to a constraint: it must stay inside a closed set K with boundary of class C 3. We assume that, at impact, the tangential component of the impulsion is conserved, while its(More)
Given γ ≥ 0, let us consider the following differential inclusion (S) ¨ x(t) + γ ˙ x(t) + ∂Φ(x(t)) 0, t ∈ R + , where Φ : R d → R ∪ {+∞} is a lower semicontinuous convex function such that int (dom Φ) = ∅. The operator ∂Φ denotes the subdifferential of Φ. When Φ = f + δ K with f : R d → R a smooth convex function and K ⊂ R d a closed convex set, inclusion(More)
This paper deals with error estimates for space-time discretizations in the context of evolutionary variational inequalities of rate-independent type. After introducing a general abstract evolution problem, we address a fully discrete approximation and provide a priori error estimates. The application of the abstract theory to a semilinear case is detailed.(More)