Laetitia Marquié

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This study is an investigation of the existence and potential causes of systematic differences between patients and physicians in their assessments of the intensity of patients' pain. In an emergency department in France, patients (N=200) and their physicians (N=48) rated the patients' pain using a visual analog scale, both on arrival and at discharge.(More)
Physicians have been found to give lower ratings of patients’ pain than do the patients themselves. We hypothesized that the physicians’ rating depends not only on the patient’s pain rating but also on other cues. We also hypothesized that these cues influence physicians’ pain treatment and urgency level. We gave to 52 emergency room physicians in Toulouse,(More)
The conceptual structure account (CSA) is a model specifying the role of the living and non-living domain dichotomy in the structure of semantic memory. According to this model, feature distinctiveness and the perceptual-functional inter-correlation of concepts are assumed to play a major role in impairing the ability to discriminate between living and(More)
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