Laetitia Malphettes

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We describe the design and detailed characterization of 6-hydroxy-nicotine (6HNic)-adjustable transgene expression (NICE) systems engineered for lentiviral transduction and in vivo modulation of angiogenic responses. Arthrobacter nicotinovorans pAO1 encodes a unique catabolic machinery on its plasmid pAO1, which enables this Gram-positive soil bacterium to(More)
Abstract We review major modeling strategies and methods to understand and simulate the macroscopic behavior of mammalian cells. These strategies comprise two important steps: the first step is to identify stoichiometric relationships for the cultured cells connecting the extracellular inputs and outputs. In a second step, macroscopic kinetic models are(More)
We describe a systematic approach to model CHO metabolism during biopharmaceutical production across a wide range of cell culture conditions. To this end, we applied the metabolic steady state concept. We analyzed and modeled the production rates of metabolites as a function of the specific growth rate. First, the total number of metabolic steady state(More)
ambr™ Mini-bioreactor as a high-throughput tool for culture process development to accelerate transfer to stainless steel manufacturing scale: comparability study from process performance to product quality attributes