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OBJECTIVES To assess and understand adverse drug reactions (ADRs), a systematic review of reference databases like Pubmed is a necessary and mandatory step in Pharmacovigilance. In order to assist pharmacovigilance team with a computerized tool, we performed a comparative study of 4 different approaches to query Pubmed through ADR-drug terms. The aim of(More)
BACKGROUND In environmental sequencing studies, fungi can be identified based on nucleic acid sequences, using either highly variable sequences as species barcodes or conserved sequences containing a high-quality phylogenetic signal. For the latter, identification relies on phylogenetic analyses and the adoption of the phylogenetic species concept. Such(More)
Most countries have developed information systems to report drug adverse effects. However, as in other domains where systematic reviews are needed, there is little guidance on how systematic documentation of drug adverse effects should be performed. The objective of the VigiTermes project is to develop a platform to improve documentation of(More)
INTRODUCTION The specificities of adolescents and young adults (AYAs) aged 15-25 years with cancer are now well recognized. Dedicated care was initiated in 2012 in France under the leadership of the INCa (National Cancer Institute). Research on supportive care and particularly pain management are still rare. This study aimed to evaluate the consumption of(More)
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