Laetitia Bariat

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Plant mitochondria have a fully operational tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle that plays a central role in generating ATP and providing carbon skeletons for a range of biosynthetic processes in both heterotrophic and photosynthetic tissues. The cycle enzyme-encoding genes have been well characterized in terms of transcriptional and effector-mediated regulation(More)
Aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic (AAP) bacteria are photoheterotrophic prokaryotes able to use both light and organic substrates for energy production. They are widely distributed in coastal and oceanic environments and may contribute significantly to the carbon cycle in the upper ocean. To better understand questions regarding links between the ecology of(More)
Thioredoxins (TRX) are key components of cellular redox balance, regulating many target proteins through thiol/disulfide exchange reactions. In higher plants, TRX constitute a complex multigenic family whose members have been found in almost all cellular compartments. Although chloroplastic and cytosolic TRX systems have been largely studied, the presence(More)
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