Laerte B. Viola

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In this study, we addressed the phylogenetic and taxonomic relationships of Trypanosoma vivax and related trypanosomes nested in the subgenus Duttonella through combined morphological and(More)
We examined for the presence of trypanosomes in blood samples from 259 anurans (47 species from 8 families), the majority of which were from the Brazilian Amazonia, Atlantic Forest and Pantanal(More)
The genetic diversity and phylogeographical patterns of Trypanosoma species that infect Brazilian bats were evaluated by examining 1043 bats from 63 species of seven families captured in Amazonia,(More)
Little is known about the diversity, phylogenetic relationships, and biogeography of trypanosomes infecting non-mammalian hosts. In this study, we investigated the influence of host species and(More)
Blood examination by microhaematocrit and haemoculture of 459 snakes belonging to 37 species revealed 2.4% trypanosome prevalence in species of Viperidae (Crotalus durissus and Bothrops jararaca) and(More)