Lael F. Kinch

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The bondage number b(G) of a non empty graph G is the minimum number of edger whose removal from G results in a graph having domination number greater than the domination number of G. In this paper we characterize graphs for which b(G) = p − 1 and b(G) = (γ − 1)+̇1. We also introduce the concept of uniform bondage number bu(G) and determine the exact value(More)
In this paper we investigate the following generalization of transitivity: A digraph D is (m, n )-transitive whenever there is a path of length m from x to y there is a subset of n + I vertices of these m +I vertices which contain a path of length n from x toy. Here we study various properties of (m, n )-transitive digraphs. In particular, (m, I)-transitive(More)
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