Laeeq Ahmed

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Virtual Screening is a technique in chemo informatics used for Drug discovery by searching large libraries of molecule structures. Virtual Screening often uses SVM, a supervised machine learning technique used for regression and classification analysis. Virtual screening using SVM not only involves huge datasets, but it is also compute expensive with a(More)
This paper presents a novel approach towards iris recognition based on dual boundary (Pupil-Iris & Sclera-Iris) detection and then using a modified Multilayer Feed Forward neural network (MFNN) to perform an efficient automatic classification. The novelty of the work resides in the fact that the proposed method features the localization of the dual iris(More)
* Author for correspondence: Dr. Muhammad Hanif, PCR and Molecular Biology Lab, KIRAN Hospital, University Road, P.O. Box No. 3913, Karachi, Pakistan. Abstract. Helicobacter pylori infections and gastroduodenal diseases have been reported several times in Karachi but there is no remarkable data available regarding the prevalence(More)
BACKGROUND Structure-based virtual screening is an in-silico method to screen a target receptor against a virtual molecular library. Applying docking-based screening to large molecular libraries can be computationally expensive, however it constitutes a trivially parallelizable task. Most of the available parallel implementations are based on message(More)
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