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Only a few intracellular S-nitrosylated proteins have been identified, and it is unknown if protein S-nitrosylation/denitrosylation is a component of signal transduction cascades. Caspase-3 zymogens were found to be S-nitrosylated on their catalytic-site cysteine in unstimulated human cell lines and denitrosylated upon activation of the Fas apoptotic(More)
In crayfish and squid giant nerve fibers, glutamate appears to be an axon-glia signaling agent. We have investigated glutamate transport and metabolism by crayfish central nerve fibers in order to identify possible mechanisms by which glutamate could subserve this non-synaptic signaling function. Accumulation of radiolabeled L-glutamate by desheathed(More)
Subjects estimated the duration of five different time intervals, either filled or unfilled, in relation to one or two standard intervals. Half of the subjects were presented with the standard at the beginning of the experiment only, and half were presented with the standard before every interval. The five estimations were then used to calculate, for each(More)
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