Ladislav Vagner

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A deterministic parallel LL parsing algorithm is presented. The algorithm is based on a transformation from a parsing problem to parallel reduction. First, a nondeterministic version of a parallel LL parser is introduced. Then, it is transformed into the deterministic version—the LLP parser. The deterministic LLP(q,k) parser uses two kinds of information to(More)
In this paper, we present the Truncated Generalized Suffix Automaton (TGSA) and present an efficient on-line algorithm for its construction. TGSA is a novel type of finite automaton suitable for indexing DNA and RNA sequences, where the text is degenerate i.e. contains sets of characters. TGSA indexes the so called k-factors, the factors of the degenerate(More)
A synchronizing word of a deterministic automaton is a word in the alphabet of colors (considered as letters) of its edges that maps the automaton to a single state. A coloring of edges of a directed graph is synchronizing if the coloring turns the graph into a deterministic finite automaton possessing a synchronizing word. The road coloring problem is the(More)
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