Ladislav Krapac

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The subjects in the study were 114 persons receiving a disability pension or referred for disability assessment. They were placed in two groups of 57 persons each, one with marked cervicobrachial syndrome and the other without. The latter group was chosen by the method of equivalent pairs with regard to sex and age. All subjects underwent a clinical(More)
Clinical and radiological findings were compared between the patients with osteoarthritis (OA) of temporomandibularjoint (TMJ) with or without disc displacement (DD), and asymptomatic volunteers. This study included 30 patients with OA of TMJs (mean age 52.6). All the patients were examined clinically by manual functional analysis and using magnetic(More)
The results of an investigation of fatigue and pain in the locomotor system are presented. The investigation comprised a group of workers (n = 56) who spent most of their working hours at video display terminals (VDTs), and a control group (n = 39) of workers with a mainly free rhythm of work and insignificant physical strain. Fatigue and pain occurred more(More)
Tomislav Badel1, Kata Rošin-Grget2, Ladislav Krapac3, Miljenko Marotti4 Zavod za stomatološku protetiku Stomatološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu 10000 Zagreb, Gundulićeva 5 Katedra za farmakologiju Stomatološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu 10000 Zagreb, Šalata 11 Poliklinika za reumatske bolesti, fi zikalnu medicinu i rehabilitaciju “Dr. Drago Čop”(More)
Repetitive use of upper extremities, non-physiological body posture, especially of cervical spine, shoulders, lower arms, and fists are still present in modern technological processes. Innate deformities, weakness of connective tissue, accompanying morbidity (radicular symptoms, neuropathies, superior thoracic aperture syndrome, vasopathies and neuroses)(More)
Bisphosphonate treatment and its aetiopathogenic association with aseptic osteonecrosis of the jaw is one of the more prominent public health issues today. The aim of this review is to see into the mechanisms of bisphosphonate effects on bones described in literature (anti-osteoclastic activity, cytotoxicity, antiangiogenesis, genetic factors, and imbalance(More)
AIM To explore the relationship between muscle strength and bone density in patients with different rheumatic diseases and to examine whether inflammatory arthritis was more harmful for muscle strength and bone loss than degenerative joint diseases. METHODS The study included 361 men and women with a mean±standard deviation age of 60.5±11.4 years and(More)