Ladislav Huraj

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The aim of this work is the depth of the snow cover computing in the desired point based on the geographical characteristics of a specific geographical point in a modeled area. The measured data are known on few places. These places are coincident with raingauge stations. These data have been collected by many continuous observations and measurements at the(More)
In ad-hoc networks and other highly distributed and decentralized environments, authorization certificates can be used to control access. Moreover, it is possible to delegate rights listed in the certificate to another users. Several such subsequent delegations build a chain of certificates. Chains of delegation certificates can improve the capability and(More)
A secure environment is a top-priority for all the forms of grid computing. To establish trust, traditional grids use various methods, mostly centrally oriented ones, such as certification authorities, VO management servers or credential pools. An ad hoc grid environment is characterized by the absence of a central trusted authority; therefore collaborating(More)
In a short span of time, cloud computing has grown, particularly for commercial web applications. But the cloud computing has the potential to become a greater instrument for scientific computing as well. A pay-as-you-go model with minimal or no upfront costs creates a flexible and cost-effective means to access compute resources. In this paper, we carry(More)
The optimization of the irregular connection network of the multiprocessor systems with the distributed memory is the NP complete problem which is generally compute-intensive process. Graphics processing units provide a large computational power at a very low price allowing the fine-grained parallelism. This work investigates the use of the GPU in the(More)
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and defence against them poses great challenge in network security. Studying of DDoS mitigation strategies, understanding of secure state of a network as well as the testing of defense appliances is the main purpose of our testbed. The testbed is based on a P2P grid-Our Grid environment and aids to run DDoS(More)
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