Ladislav Cmolik

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We present an external labeling laid over small and/or overlapping 2D objects as an efficient representation for their selection. The approximation of objects with points allows us to transform the labeling problem to graph layout problem, which we solve by means of force-based algorithm. The input parameters allow us to influence the resulting layout of(More)
This paper deals with the problem of resolution-independent rendering of 3D scenes. In many cases authors have to create the same content for different platforms (e.g. internet, printer) separately, due to different resolutions and different typographic rules. This paper presents an approach for projection of a 3D scene into the 2D vector graphic (thus it(More)
This paper deals with the problem of visualization of 3D scenes and navigation in them on mobile devices. A visualization technique that enables visualization and annotation of objects in a 3D scene on mobile devices is presented. This technique is based on transformation of the 3D scene to a 2.5D representation in 2D vector graphic. The input of the 3D(More)
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